audio-technica AT6003R Tri-Capsule Cardridge Case



產品特點: 3組式唱頭放置架 - 可同時放置3 組已裝上唱頭蓋的唱頭組件 - 可存放3個帶唱頭蓋的唱頭 - 兼容雙針鎖式唱頭蓋 - 橡膠底墊,增強穩定性 - 防塵膠囊設有開口狹縫,可以容納唱頭蓋的手指提升桿。 - 外型尺寸 185mm x 92mm x 61mm(整體) Product Features: Display and protect your cartridges within distinctive design - 3 sets of cartridges with headshells can be stored - Compatible with double pin lock headshells - Rubber feet for enhanced stability - Slit capsules to fit the finger lift of the headshells

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