audio-technica AT-33 PTG II MC Cartridge



產品特點: - 改進的純硼錐形針臂,及更輕型的防震系統 - 高性能和長壽命的微線性唱針(平均1000小時) - 使用PCOCC級單結晶無氧銅作線圈,及PCOCC作為接線針 - 高分離度和廣闊頻率響應的兩組動圈線圈 - VC線圈元件採用鈦酸鉀混合物樹脂密封,能提高升線圈強度和防震設計 - 高剛性鋁合金外殼和強度樹脂,可減低內部共振 Product Features: - Improved boron pure tapered cantilever and lighter vibration system - High performance and life long Micro linear stylus(average 1000hours) - PCOCC coil with sub lead wire and PCOCC terminal pin - High separation and wide response dual moving coil - Anti-vibration designed Potassium titanate mixed rigid synthetic resin VC mold - High rigidly body was designed aluminum alloy based rigid resin and anti-parasitic resonance