Unison Research Unico Primo Integrated Amplifier




全新意大利製造Unison Research香港限量限定版! 意大利Unison Research剛剛為香港特別製造了 一批Primo CD 及 Primo 擴音器! 特別製作之膽Primo CD 及 Primo 擴音器用來聽Jazz及Classical音樂感非凡。一部專屬香港人的CD及擴音機! A perfect example of Italian style and design, the innovations contained in the Unico integrated amplifier designs are universally appreciated and recognized. The Primo is a stereo integrated amplifier that offers elegant lines and details, thanks to carefully considered surface finishes and proportions. Solid construction, careful selection of components and precise assembly are part of an almost artisan approach to amplifier design, reflecting our origins in Treviso. Unison Research has concentrated all of our experience, knowledge and ambition into a small amplifier one that includes all the technology and passion that one usually finds in the finest flagship products.