Silver Sonic White Lightning (Pair)

長度 (M)



- Available in 1.5M and 2M The new DH Labs WHITE LIGHTNING replaces our very popular Phantom interconnect. Lower Capacitance, improved shielding, and a more attractive appearance make the WHITE LIGHTNING an even better value than its predecessor. The cable is also RoHS compliant, very flexible and easy to use. Other features include: OFC copper conductors Foam PE dielectric Very heavy braided shield with 95% coverage Low Capacitance (only 24 pF per foot) Very attractive “Pearl White” jacket The WHITE LIGHTNING provides a very natural tonal balance, with abundant detail and warmth. Each cable is hand terminated with high quality DH Labs connectors and lead-free silver solder. Don’t be fooled by the affordable price! The DH Labs WHITE LIGHTNING Interconnect offers a remarkably open soundstage that reminds you how much fun music can be! It is at home in any high quality audio or home theater system.