Ortofon SPU Classic N E Cartridge



全鑽石針頭, 橢圓鑽石針, 唱頭 The SPU Classic NE provides the same sound reproduction properties as the SPU Classic GM E series The SPU Classic NE is sold without the integrated headshell unit. The SPU Classic NE is a Moving Coil (MC) cartridge with an elliptical stylus profile and provides more detailed sound reproduction and expansive imaging. Listeners who wish to mount the SPU Classic NE on a traditional headshell may do so by using the SPU N adaptor. Those with vintage SPU-type headshells can use the Classic NE to recreate an authentic and functional SPU cartridge. NB: Vintage SPU-type headshells are no longer available. The ST-7 transformer is a perfect match for the SPU Classic NE cartridge.


Product Features:

SPU Classic Series The SPU Classic series, as the name implies, embodies the essence of the original Moving Coils. With their linearity and full bodies, these cartridges are a perfect solution for the playback of both early and contemporary Stereo recordings. The SPU Classic series is known for its dynamic and powerful sound reproduction, without any roughness, minimum of intermodulation distortion and a splendid channel separation, the images being fi rm and positive. The SPU Classic N and SPU Classic NE cartridges, with their half-inch adaptor, provide the ability to mount the unit on standard headshells, as well as in a wider range of tonearms.