Ortofon SPU Classic GM MKII Cartridge



全鑽石針頭, 球形, 鑽石針 唱頭 The SPU Classic GM MkII is known for its dynamic and powerful sound reproduction The SPU Classic GM MkII is a Moving Coil cartridge with an 18 µm spherical stylus profile. The SPU Classic series embodies the essence of the original Moving Coils and are a perfect solution for the playback of both early and modern and contemporary stereo recordings. The ST-7 transformer is a perfect match for the SPU Classic G MkII cartridge. 丹麥 ortofon SPU Classic Gm MKII 唱頭


Product Features:

Choosing an Ortofon SPU cartridge for your turntable. All Ortofon SPU-cartridge models are highly indebted to their SPU-ancestor launched in 1958, when the original Ortofon stereocartridge was born. So, ever since the various Ortofon SPU - models announced in this manual, have never compromised with the basic design - responsible for the so-called “Ortofon Sound”, world wide related to these cartridges. Refinements on the models have taken benefit from the use of new materials and improved stylus types, to gain the outstanding reproduction qualities. Mounting All SPU-cartridges are designed to bring optimum performance, when the tonearm mounted with the cartridge is adjusted parallel to the record surface, at recommended tracking force.

When antiskating adjustment is possible, we recommend a 50% higher value, when using SPU-cartridges with the Ortofon Replicant stylus, compared to normal setting at recommended tracking force.

The SPU Mono models provide an authentic method of playing back early Mono recordings with a remarkable level of sonic accuracy. The SPU Mono GM MkII is a high output cartridge a with a spherical stylus profile, for the playback of early 25 µm mono recordings with 33 and 45 r.p.m.. Its 3 mV high output eliminates the need for a moving coil transformer.


Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. – 0.2 mV
Channel balance at 1 kHz < 1 dB
Channel separation at 1 kHz  > 20 dB
Channel separation at 15 kHz  > 10 dB
Frequency range at – 3dB – 20-25.000 Hz
Frequency response – 20-20.000 Hz + 3 / – 3 dB
Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force *) > 65 µm
Compliance, dynamic, lateral – 8 µm/mN
Stylus type – Nude Spherical
*) Typical value

Stylus tip radius – R 18 µm
Tracking force range – 3.0-5.0 g (30-50 mN)
Tracking force, recommended – 4.0 g (40 mN)
Tracking angle – 20°
Internal impedance, DC resistance – 6 Ohm
Recommended load impedance > 10 Ohm
Cartridge body material – Wooden Powder
Coilwire material – High Purity Copper (OFC)
Cartridge colour – Black
Cartridge weight – 31.5 g