Ortofon SPU #1 S Cartridge



球形鑽石針 唱頭 Perfect all-rounders for the newcomers to the world of SPU The SPU #1 S and SPU #1 E feature: - Respectively Spherical and Elliptical stylus. The SPU #1 E elliptical stylus profile provides more detailed sound reproduction and expansive imaging. - High Purity Copper armature windings and terminal leads - Grinded wood and resin composite housing These SPU cartridges embodies the essence of the original Moving Coils and are a perfect solution for the playback of both early and modern and contemporary stereo recordings. Excellent price-to-performance ratio. 丹麥 ortofon SPU #1S 唱頭(圓形針尖)


Perfect solution for stereo recordings

The SPU #1 models, with their universal connector, ensure the ability to mount the units in a wider range of tonearms with universal (SME) mount, e.g. Ortofon TA-110 and TA-210 tonearms. The combination of SPU #1, ST-7 Moving Coil transformer and TA-110/TA-210 tonearms gives a supreme experience.

With their linearity and full bodies, the SPU #1 models are a perfect solution for the playback of stereo recordings.

Sonically, the SPU #1 models are genuine SPUs, known for their full-bodied and powerful music image, minimum of intermodulation distortion and an impressive channel separation.