Optoma L1 + DLP Projector



市面上最輕巧、最省電、且最環保的Optoma 4K超短焦投影機! 時尚的L1+投影機是Optoma迄今為止體積最小巧、最省電且最環保的4K超短焦投影機。在家中舒適地體驗令人難忘的4K超高解析視覺投影;L1+採用最新的4LED技術,提供令人驚嘆的100% Rec.709色彩準確度和鮮豔度,非常適合在家中使用的大銀幕體驗。 L1+專為保護環境而設計,採用節能LED技術可更長時間地保持亮度和色彩飽和度,可實現長達30,000小時的免維護投影;它小巧輕便的底盤還採用50%的PCR回收材料,以減少物流過程中對環境的影響以及整體碳排放。 L1+隨附經Google和Netflix認證的Android™ dongle,簡單的即插即用並支持4K HDR的Netflix為您帶來喜愛的電影和節目;通過Google Play暢享5,000種以上各種應用、音樂、遊戲、新聞、電影內容等。 Optoma 官方介紹: http://bitly.ws/Feki The elegant L1 projector is Optoma's most compact, power-efficient and eco-friendly 4K UHD ultra-short throw projector yet. Experience unforgettable 4K UHD images from the comfort of your home with up to 105-inch image size from less than 30 cm from the projection screen. Featuring the latest 4LED technology, the L1 delivers stunning 100% Rec. 709 color accuracy and vibrancy - perfect for large format home cinema. Designed with sustainability in mind, the L1 maintains brightness and colour saturation for longer thanks to energy-saving 4LED technology - up to 30.000 hours of maintenance-free operation. Its compact and lightweight housing design is made from 50% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastics and up to 99% of the packaging is recyclable. The compact size of the Optoma L1 projector reduces packaging, resulting in more efficient logistics and helping to reduce carbon emissions.




  • 最小巧、最高效、真正4K超高解析視覺體驗的投影機
  • 沉浸式真實4K UHD解析度
  • 830萬屏幕像素,兼容HDR和HLG
  • 智慧投影機,支援400,000種以上串流服務
  • HDR 10/HLG高動態範圍,逼真還原所有真實場景
  • 30,000小時 長效光源壽命(ECO 模式)
  • 電玩強化模式(低延遲),畫面流暢無殘影(兼容VRR)
  • 四角修正和水平/垂直梯形校正,安裝超級便利
  • 支援3×3網格曲面調整,更真實的沉浸式曲面螢幕投影


Product Features:

4K UHD resolution

With more than 8 million pixels, 4K UHD resolution brings four times more detail to the screen than Full HD, delivering sharp, lifelike and rich colors. So you can sit even closer to the screen and truly immerse yourself in the picture.

240Hz Smooth Motion

Enjoy ultra-smooth, fluid motion and reduced lag. A high refresh rate makes it easier to follow the action so you can hit your target sooner. Ideal for fast-paced action games.

Gaming Mode

Gaming Mode optimally prepares your projector for gaming: Maximum contrast, impressive response times and lifelike colors capture every detail - so you can focus on winning.

Saturated colors
Whether it's movies, TV shows or video games: Optoma projectors deliver stunningly rich colors in any environment and for any content. Our home cinema projectors work with the Rec.709 Colour scheme, the international HDTV standard, to ensure accurate color reproduction.

Bright images even in daylight

This all-round home entertainment projector combines high brightness and vibrant colors for a vivid, lifelike picture in brightly lit environments - ideal for TV shows, sports and movies or gaming with family or friends at any time of day.

Geometric correction

Adjust up to 32 individual points to make the image perfectly square with the advanced, built-in geometry correction tool/feature. Ideal if you don't want to use a screen and have an uneven wall to project onto.

Horizontal Keystone Correction and Four Corner Adjustment

Whether it's horizontal vertical keystone correction or Four Corner Adjustment for even images, this projector can do both. So it is also suitable for unusual placements with uneven walls or similar.

HDR compatible

The HDR compatible projectors from Optoma are able to receive and display HDR meta data. This allows you to see even more detail and texture. Objects are rendered more realistically and this extra detail creates a greater sense of depth - as if you were looking through a window.

Built-in speaker

Complete your home cinema experience with the convenient built-in speaker. It delivers great sound and saves you the time and hassle of buying extra speakers.

Dual HDMI inputs

Play games, stream videos and share photos on the big screen in the comfort of your own home. Dual HDMI inputs let you easily connect your game console, set-top box, laptop, PC, Blu-ray player or media streamer with a single cable. By connecting an HDMI dongle such as Google Chromecast™, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV™ or Roku® stick, you can even turn the unit into a smart projector.

Sustainable development

Optoma committed to reducing the overall environmental footprint of our products to be fair to our planet.

In developing innovative products with sustainability in mind, Optoma consider every stage of a product's lifecycle, from design to manufacturing, logistics, use and packaging.