Nu Force MCA-30 Power Amplifier



Product Features: High End Multi-Channel Power Amplifier for uncompromising audiophile-grade performance The NuForce MCA30 multi-channel amplifier offers dedicated enthusiast eight channels of signature NuForce sound. The MCA30 was developed as an audiophile-grade alternative for Home Theater applications, as well as for high powered Home Stereo setups. With its top quality parts and advanced, high-efficiency switching technology, the MCA30 delivers genuine NuForce performance and value. The MCA30 delivers full 180 Wrms to 8 channels at 8Ohm, and 240 Wrms at 4Ohm. For even more power, channels can be bridged to deliver massive 300 Wrms to 4 channels at 8Ohm. The MCA30 owes its pedigree to NuForce's highly acclaimed and legendary Class D amplifier technology, and its proprietary negative feedback design which is renown for its high-speed transient response, wide dynamics and solid bass performance. The MCA30's proprietary feedback circuitry operates as the cornerstone of the MCA30's remarkable sound. A self-resonant design, the 400 kHz PWM switching frequency constantly adjusts to the input signal, output current demands, and loudspeaker impedance variations, resulting in superb speed and accuracy. Features: - 240W x 8ch 300W x 4ch RCA x 8 - Extremely powerful - 180 Watts to 8 channels at 8 Ohm, 1% THD - Bridge mode with massive power 300 Watts to 4 channels at 8 Ohm, 1% THD - High quality aluminum chassis - State of the art NuForce Class D amplifier technology - All channels treated equally with four modular stereo power amplifiers - Protection circuitry to prevent overload or short-circuit