Increcable MVD Earth




Increcable推出的MVD-Earth接地盒還可以細分四種型號:EBA-1ev(金)、EBD-1ev(灰)、EBP-1(紅)、EBS-1(銀)四種顏色,金色給類比器材使用,灰色給數位器材使用,紅色專門給唱頭放大使用,銀色則是給喇叭使用。MVD-Earth的底座以堅固的鋁合金材料製成,上方有兩塊實心的接地模組,別看它身形不大,事實上很有份量的!新的MVD-Earth所包含的技術是承襲自iGround系列線材與iBolck MVD。原廠強調,不論是用在媒體播放器、CD/SACD唱盤、DAC、LP黑膠系統或是任何音響系統上,聲音表現都會有顯著進步。譬如提升人聲與樂器的清晰度,強化音場與低音表現等。 The MVD-EARTH box is made from a solid carved aluminum body with two substantial solid grounding modules top with 4 receptacles for linking up grounding system with the noise pickup pole. Although this is a small device, it is quite substantial in weight and feel. New Earth Box, MVD-EARTH, is based on the same technology found in iGROUND cable and iBLOCK MVD. ​The improvement in sound for Media Players, SACD/CD Players, DACs, LP turntable system, Speaker system and just about all other audio equipment hooked up with MVD-EARTH is quite significant sounding. The soundstage, bass, and definition of instruments and voices were enhanced.

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