Dared Saturn Signature Class A Integrated Amplifier (KT-150)



- Class A 25w USB 32bit384kHz Introducing the Sound of Tube - Dared, and the new KT-150 SET high resolution tube integrated amplifier. Highly regarded by audiophiles, a single-ended triode (SET) amplifier is a vacuum tube electronic amplifier that uses a single tube for its final over a“push-pull” type tube amplifier which uses a pair of tubes using anti-phase internal circuit design to generate an output with the wanted audible signals present and the distortion components subtracted. All guitar amplifiers use this simplistic design since the 1940's and where SET amplifiers are achieving a cult status because of their alleged excellent mid-band performance. It is this "mid-band" that is to many as the most important part of the audio spectrum in music reproduction. This perceived high sonic quality noted by audiophiles is mainly attributed to the simplicity and minimalistic approach of the circuit design and the triode amplifying tube selected.

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