Cambridge Audio Minx X-201 Subwoofer




產品特點: 6' woofer x 3 200W (Minx X-201) Minx X201以正面衝程的方式提供驚人的低頻,再加上最先進的輔助低音輻射器(ABR),能夠在小箱體和分離式設計的限制下提供雷鳴般的低音。雖然只有22CM立方的體積,比傳統型的超低音要小很多,但200W的功率再搭配2只6吋ABR(輔助低音輻射器)讓您在聽音樂或看電影都能感受到震撼的低頻。 Product Features: Configured with a single, powered cone and twin passive cones, the X201 delivers enhanced bass response with lots of detail and control. Although small, the X201 packs a mighty 200W from its active amplifier and offers gain, phase and crossover control for full control and integration with a complete Minx system. "CLEAN, DYNAMIC... LACK[ING] ANY SIGNS OF AGGRESSIVENESS OR DISCOLORATION - MANY BIGGER SPEAKERS WOULD LIKE TO HAVE SUCH QUALITIES."