Cambridge Audio AZUR 851W Power Amplifier



產品特點: 功率擴音機 200W Class XD XLR RCA 擁有巨大的力量和令人難以置信的低失真。本品可與 851E 前置擴音機及 851N 網路播放機完美搭配;接收其純正訊號並將其放大,呈現出巨大的規模及影響力。 - 雙通道功率放大器。 - Class XD 系統,每個頻道有 12 個輸出電晶體。 - CAP5 保護可防止 DC 尖刺、過熱、短路和剪斷 - 專有的 Terrapin 阻抗緩衝模塊可以分隔放大器和信號阻抗,在音源之間實現一致的聲音 - 全金屬底盤提供巨大的結構剛性、阻尼元件和聲學共振控制 Product Features: Delivering immense power and incredibly low distortion, the 851W power amplifier is perfectly matched to partner our 851E pre-amplifier and 851N network player; taking their pure signal and amplifying it with huge presence and authority. With its 851E preamplifier and 851W, Cambridge Audio has built a pre/power combination that offers not only 'holy grail' audio performance, but also an almost complete suite of features and facilities. If you're in the market for separates (and you should be if you want seriously good audio!), this 851 duo should be high on your short list... if not at the very top of it. Highly recommended.