B&W PV1D Subwoofer




B&W PV1D Subwoofer 當您一步步推向技術設計的界限遠比任何人所想像的,您做什麼?簡單:不斷推進。 PV1D已長期被視為在國內重低音設計,其引人注目的外形和最高級的聲音表現,圖標的產品。但通過引入為升級PV1D的數字尺寸,我們認為我們已經做了一個更好的。 該PV1D固有的穩定,意味著它可以進一步推動。其雙驅動裝置對稱安裝,保持完美的平衡和超低音固定在地板。所以沒有啌當隆隆。背回的安排,也進一步提高了揚聲器內部的壓力分佈。耦合到一個全新的擴大器產生400瓦的功率,驅動程序提供一個超低音應該有的動力學與控制。從一個小泡變大的聲音。 採用數位化平臺,為我們的旗艦DB1的重低音允許微調的PV1D,並與比其前任更精密控制。您愛深沉低音特殊的電影音效的影響嗎?或者,也許您喜歡平坦的響應,更諧振聽音環境來彌補?無論您的聆聽品味,全方位的EQ選項,完全取決於您的選擇。 The Bowers & Wilkins PV1D subwoofer uses two opposed drivers in a super-rigid enclosure to deliver fast, clean, firm solid bass for music and movies. Retaining the balanced drive and pressure vessel concept of its predecessor, PV1D sports a fresh new design and a version of the DSP platform developed of the acclaimed DB1. Digital processing provides greater control and versatility, allowing PV1D to integrate seamlessly with a wide variety of satellite speakers, either to create truly impressive home theatre systems, or to simply extend their bass response for two-channel applications. There is power on tap to fully reproduce the most demanding special effects in movies, but PV1D retains all the musical nuances for which its predecessor was renowned.

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