Antelope Audio Zeo Portable Hi-Fi Dac and Headphone Amplifier



感受追求音質的最高境界:ZEO 便攜式高保真 DAC 和耳機放大器 對於追求頂級音質的發燒友來說,ZEO延續了羚羊提供純淨音質的傳統。它由相同的 64 位聲學聚焦時鐘技術提供支持,該技術是羚羊工作室級音頻接口聲音精度的關鍵。結合雙 Ricore 放大器和 32 位 PCM 解碼,ZEO 是發燒友袖珍型的寶石,可提供至高無上的細節、增強的立體聲寬度和有機動態。使用 ZEO 將您的聆聽體驗提升到新的高度。以前所未有的方式聆聽您喜愛的音樂的每一個細微差別。 The Way Music is Meant to Sound Elevate your listening experience to new heights with ZEO. Hear every nuance of your favorite music like never before.

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Product Features:

Audiophile conversion in a portable body

When designing ZEO we looked for inspiration no further than the sonic precision found in our best-selling studio units and the warmth and detail of our high-end audiophile converters. Thanks to its high-grade converters, our DAC is capable of delivering authentic and high-fidelity sound everywhere you go.

Premium sound on-the-go

ZEO is the first-of-a-kind product in the ever-growing Antelope Audio portfolio but it continues our legacy of providing pristine sound quality. It’s powered by the same 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology that is key for the sonic precision of our studio-tier audio interfaces. In combination with the Dual Ricore Amp and 32-bit PCM decoding, ZEO is an audiophile pocket-size gem providing supreme detail, enhanced stereo width, and organic dynamics.

Small but versatile

With an impedance kept below 1 Ohm, ZEO is a versatile unit able to drive a vast array of headphones without any loss of audio quality regardless of either the model or the selected file formats. The DSD 128 DoP support ensures that if you’re as fed up with lossy streaming as we are then ZEO will become your all-around friend in reclaiming not just great music but great sound as well.

No bridge is too far

Windows, iOS, macOS, Android – you name it – ZEO is compatible with the most popular and preferred portable and desktop devices on the market. Designed for plug-and-play use, it can be connected to various devices, allowing you to effortlessly experience its captivating sound in different settings and setups.

For the music heads and for the pros

ZEO is an audiophile-grade DAC packed to its very top with studio-quality technology. This makes it a desired accessory not only for the dedicated music fan but a portable powerhouse well-suited for the needs of musicians and producers working on the go and always on the lookout for studio-quality sound referencing. ZEO was designed and crafted with meticulous care. Manufactured in the EU, each unit was tested to perfection in our HQ to ensure flawless quality and performance.




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