Aeron LP-X1 Phono Amplifier (MM/MC)



With output variances in the multitude of phono cartridges available to the audio enthusiast as well as the variety of input variances seen in the front end of amplifiers and preamplifiers for use with MM and MC cartridges, most of the time the cartridge used is not matched to the amplifier. This creates a less than pristine performance of the vinyl. The higher definition of the total end to end system, the more noticeable the mismatch. Dared has developed a professional high end and fully user adjustable front panel accessible phono preamplifier for MM and MC cartridges. First and foremost, the capacitance of the input of the amplifier should more or less match the value of the cartridge. The higher the capacitive value of the input of the phono stage, the duller the sound will be. As a result, a mismatch between the capacitance output of the phono cartridge and the amplifier's input may result in either a dark dull sound or overly bright an distorted sound and signal. Added, the quality of the cable between the cartridge and the phono stage also comes into play.

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