Aeron GD-900 Belt Drive Turntable



意大利 Aeron GD-900 一部已經包括唱頭、唱盤同內置唱頭放大(Phono AMP)嘅黑膠唱盤 Aeron GD900 適合高級音頻系統 MDF 底座和金屬外殼、鋁盤、精確運動的直鋁臂和 AT3600 MM 唱頭、唱機和線路輸出,帶有高質量低噪聲唱機 MM RIAA 前置放大器、33/45 選擇器,保證性能,將帶您回到模擬聲音的樂趣。 SPECIFICATION: TURNTABLE SECTION Output: Phono MM and Line (high quality low noise Phono MM preamplifier) Drive System: Belt Drive Rotation Speed Variation: ±0.8% Wow and Flutter: ≤0.1% Signal-to-Noise Ratio: - 68dB TONEARM SECTION Type: Aluminum Effective Arm Length: 8.6" (218.5mm) CARTRIDGE SECTION Type: Moving Magnet (AT3600L) Stylus Shape: Curvature Radius of Stylus Tip 0.6mil

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